Hyundai 212cc 7hp ¾” / 19.05mm Horizontal Straight Shaft Petrol Replacement Engine, 4-Stroke, OHV | IC210X-19


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212cc Replacement Engine The IC210X-19 is a powerful 212cc petrol engine from Hyundai, ideal for a range of heavy-duty applications for use in construction equipment, industrial equipment, tillers, welders, water pumps, pressure washers and more. This powerful engine should be able to retrofit the mountings for major leading brands, offering a competitively-priced replacement engine for your machine. Multi-Purpose Petrol Engine A direct replacement for any 6.5 / 7hp engines, the IC210X-19 is suitable for the majority of pressure washers up to approximately 2500psi, water pumps with up to an 80mm outlet and more. With no messy oil and fuel to mix, 4-stroke engines have lower noise and vibration levels compared to their 2-stroke counterparts. More Environmentally Friendly 4-stroke engines are also more environmentally friendly than 2-stroke engines, emitting lower emissions as they burn pure petrol rather than a mix of oil and petrol, as a lot of the oil within the mix is emitted as unburned vapour. Our Hyundai petrol replacement engines are all Euro V. This powerful petrol engine boasts an enhanced combustion efficiency, lowering fuel consumption to save you money in the longer term. Featuring a large 3.6L fuel tank, it means you won’t have to keep stopping your machine to top up the engine tank with fuel. OHV Engine OHV engines are tried and tested, having successfully been used in machines for many years, which is why we selected this design for our new range of Hyundai petrol replacement engines. They offer lower-cost running, a more compact size, and higher torque than other types of engines. Thanks to its easy recoil pull-starting system, this engine is so simple to get going, minimising any undue stress or strain to your hands, arms and shoulders. Featuring CDI ignition – a simple yet reliable starting system used in the majority of smaller engines – it ensures that the engine will start and run smoothly without any interruptions. Hyundai Engine Ideal for fitting to any machines, whether Hyundai branded or not, that require 7hp and have a ¾” shaft, this engine is incredibly versatile for both commercial and home use. This powerful engine features low oil level cut-out, which stops the engine when the oil level drops too low to protect the bearings from any detrimental damage. 2 Year Warranty For added peace of mind, this powerful engine comes with a 2 year standard warranty / 1 year commercial warranty* (terms apply). Which Hyundai Petrol Engine is Right For You? Our engines are built for a variety of applications such as powering pressure washers, tillers, wood chippers, water pumps and more. With fixing points compatible with most leading brands, our range of petrol engines offer a powerful, great value replacement and are supplied with our Hyundai warranty for added peace of mind. Hyundai ‘P Series’ Engines All engines in the ‘P Series’ are built for heavy-duty home use, offering excellent build quality and reliability at an affordable and competitive price. Choose a PE engine and you’ll have the added convenience of an electric start as well as recoil backup. Hyundai ‘X Series’ Engines Our range of ‘X Series’ engines are suited to commercial settings or periods of prolonged home-use, inheriting all the benefits from the ‘P Series’ of engines on top of a large range of other upgraded features for added durability. Similar to our ‘P Series’, XE model names denote electric start versions, which also come with recoil backup. ‘X Series’ Engines Also Feature: An upgraded 40 CR-grade steel crankshaft. Upgraded main bearings offering strict tolerances using a P5/TM-grade main bearing and a QT-grade camshaft bearing. DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating on the piston and piston rings for high durability and increased performance. DLC significantly increases the lifespan of components likely to suffer stress or tension, such as pistons. Reinforced plates on the engine cover and muffler. Key Features 212cc horizontal straight shaft petrol engine: Produces 7hp for medium to heavy-duty applications Suitable for a range of products: Use in most pressure washers up to 2500psi, water pumps with up to 80mm outlets, tillers, and more Simple-to-start engine: Easy recoil pull-starting CDI ignition: Reliable starting and uninterrupted running Tried and tested OHV engine: Offers a compact size, higher torque and lower-cost running than other engine types Low noise levels: Doesn’t compromise on power 4-stroke engine: Low fuel consumption and low emissions Large 3.6L fuel tank: You won’t have to keep stopping to top up with petrol Easy to fit: Suitable for a range of products with a ¾” straight shaft connection Peace of mind: 2 year Hyundai home-use warranty* / 1 year commercial warranty* (terms apply)

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