120 Litre Wheelie Bin in Green


The green 120-litre wheelie bin is the most favoured size and stands as the prime choice for various commercial and industrial rubbish disposal needs in the UK. Green bins are versatile, catering to different types of waste, be it general rubbish or garden and green waste, depending on the guidelines set by your local council authority or waste collection services.


The green 120-litre wheelie bin is the most favoured size in the UK, making it the top choice for diverse commercial and industrial rubbish disposal requirements. Green bins cater to multiple waste types, from general rubbish to garden and green waste, based on the regulations set by local council authorities or waste collection agencies.

Designed to fit ‘Shape A’ lifting combs, this bin boasts a robust, high-density polyethylene injection-moulded structure, ensuring a sturdy and weatherproof build that’s apt for challenging and high-impact situations. Moreover, these bins possess resistance to UV rays, chemicals, and adverse weather conditions, assuring a durable and long-lasting container fit for all uses. The metal elements are treated with a zinc-plated finish, offering enhanced protection against corrosion. Solid rubber wheels ensure the bins can be moved effortlessly, even when they’re fully laden.

Every bin is fitted with an RFID chip compartment, compatible with the majority of standard identification and weighing systems.

Furthermore, these bins come in a broad range of colours and dimensions to suit varied needs.