2 x 5L Universal Dishwash and Glass Detergent


Our 2x5L Universal Dishwash and Glass Detergent is a powerful, multi-purpose cleaning solution designed for sparkling clean dishes and glassware. Perfect for both commercial and home use, it effectively cuts through grease and grime, leaving everything spotless and streak-free.


Introducing our 2x5L Universal Dishwash and Glass Detergent, the ultimate solution for all your dishwashing needs. This specially formulated detergent combines the power of a heavy-duty cleaner with the gentle touch required for glassware, making it the perfect choice for restaurants, cafes, and households alike. Each pack contains two 5-liter bottles, ensuring you have plenty of detergent for all your cleaning tasks.

This versatile detergent is designed to tackle the toughest of greases and stains on dishes, pots, pans, and glassware, leaving them sparkling clean without any residue. Its powerful formula is effective in both hard and soft water, reducing the need for re-washing and saving both time and energy. The solution is also gentle on the hands and does not leave any harsh chemical smells, making your dishwashing experience pleasant.

Whether you’re running a busy commercial kitchen or simply looking for an efficient solution for your home dishwashing needs, our 2x5L Universal Dishwash and Glass Detergent offers the perfect balance of strength and gentleness. Its bulk packaging is economical and ensures that you always have a reliable detergent on hand for impeccable cleaning results. Say goodbye to stubborn food remnants and hello to crystal-clear dishes and glassware with our premium quality detergent.