Cleenol Crystal Grip – Anti-Slip Cleaner for Polished Floors


A specialist cleaner/maintainer product that cleans polished floors and leaves an anti-slip finish.

Contains polymer and wax.

Suitable for most non-porous floors, including; vinyl, rubber, linoleum, thermoplastic, asphalt, sealed wood, sealed cork, marble and terrazzo.


Introducing Cleenol Crystal Grip specialist floor cleaner – the ultimate solution for keeping your polished floors looking shiny and new!

This unique detergent not only removes dirt and grime but also leaves behind a low molecular weight polymer finish that makes floors safer to walk on.

With its advanced formula, our floor cleaner is gentle on polish films and can be used on all non-porous, polished or unpolished floors.

Whether you have marble, granite, ceramic, or any other type of polished flooring, this product is the perfect choice for maintaining a clean and slip-resistant surface.

Try it today and experience the difference for yourself!

Additional information

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5L, 2x5L