Scrubb Super Protect Pre-Work Barrier Hand Cream – 6 x 1L Bottle with Pump Top


SCRUBB’s heavy-duty hand care for professionals: protects, nourishes, and strengthens skin while working with our pre-work barrier cream.

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Begin your workday on the right foot with SCRUBB’s pre-work barrier cream. Formulated to protect, nourish, and strengthen your skin, this cream is perfect for trade professionals in all industries. Its non-greasy formula is easily absorbed and won’t leave a residue, so you can focus on the task at hand.

Designed for heavy-duty use, the SCRUBB product range provides ultimate hand care for before, during, and after work. With powerful and effective formulas, our barrier cream, degreasing hand cleaner, heavy-duty scrub cleanser, and post-work skin conditioner make up a complete solution for taking care of your hands.

  • Protects working hands
  • Works in wet and dry conditions
  • Fragrance-free and non-greasy