Our Covid beating Bus Fogging system makes public transport safe for drivers and passengers.

The intelligent disinfection fogging system kills 99% of viruses, bacteria, moulds and fungi within seconds – giving a log 6 reduction.

80 times stronger than bleach, yet non-toxic and leaving no residue, our unique system can be programmed to automatically sanitise at regular intervals day or night on demand.

Choose our units for fast, cost-effective and guaranteed disinfection and sanitisation for public transport and commercial vehicles.

Fogging systems can be used with two different solutions, V-Stop Hydro, a highly effective sanitiser with a typical kill time on Corona Viruses of 1 second! It is also highly effective on Bacteria/Moulds/Yeasts and Fungi.

Airshield: This is a fragranced product, packaged as a 100:1 concentrate in 250ml bottles (so 1 bottle makes 25 litres of fluid). It comes in 6 fragrances (Bloom/Meadow Field/White Tea/Forest Mint/Harmony/Ginger Flower).

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