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275kVA Cummins Powered Diesel Generator by Evopower | UKC275ECO The Powersite provides you with the Evopower 3-phase Diesel Generator. This diesel generator produces 275 kVA (220 kW) standby/max power or 250 kVA (200 kW), when used for continuous or prime power. This Evopower diesel generator is ideal for ensuring your home or business is never without power. Powered with a Cummins engine known for their reliability, longevity and fuel economy that will keep you up and running for both standby/backup power as well as prime power. The Cummins powered Evopower generator engine is turbocharged with an intercooler that runs at 1500RPM whilst maintaining a 50Hz output. The 6 Cylinder turbocharged 8.9 litre 6LTAA8.9-G2 diesel engine manufactured by Cummins uses high-quality components and Fleetguard filters. The engine oil capacity is 27.6L, we recommend using SAE 15W40 oil and using a 50/50 mix for the coolant/radiator fluid of 50% ethylene glycol (anti-freeze) and 50% water. The electronic governor regulates the fuel that is pumped into the engine. This adjusts the fuel intake quickly as the load increases, whilst maintaining the rpm and keeping the frequency output stable at 50hz. Slow Running 1500rpm Shorter life generators run at a faster speed of 3000rpm. Unlike these, the Evopower Cummins Powered range all run at 1500rpm meaning there is less strain on internal components and the engine. Giving you the peace of mind that this diesel generator will last for years to come, providing regular servicing and maintenance is completed. Weather Proof & Noise Cancelling Canopy The Evopower generator is enclosed in a heavy-duty, rustproof, powder-coated weatherproof canopy. The canopy reduces the noise level to only 70 dB at a 7-metre distance. All fittings are Stainless steel. UK Design The ECO series generators are designed in the UK using only the highest quality components. The Evopower Generator is fitted with CHiNT 4 pole MCCB breakers, Varta batteries, industrial grade silencers, Cummins engine, DSE (Deep Sea Electronics) control panel with LCD Screen, Fleetguard filters, alternator, battery charger and coolant heater all fitted as standard. A heavy-duty skid surrounds the base mounted 460 litre diesel fuel tank. There are fork lift ports running through the base and there are hook eyes on each corner for ease when transporting or lifting into position. Low Fuel Consumption This version will run for over 8 hours at 100% load, and 17 hours running on 50% load (based on prime power rating). Red diesel can be used to save on running costs without affecting the warranty. The fuel gauge can be easily read and is mounted internally. The Deep Sea Electronics Control Panel (DSE) All Evopower diesel generators use Deep Sea Electronics control panels that have been manufactured in the UK. The DSE6120 control panel comes complete with ATS (autotransfer) compatibility as standard. Meaning if ATS switchgear is installed, in the event of a power cut your Evopower generator will start up. Giving you the security that you will not be without power for long. The control panel has a built-in USB port and the LCD screen displays and notifies you when the generator has; Low oil pressure High water temperature High or low voltage High or low frequency Engine over/under speed Start/stop issues Please note that there are certain regulations in certain areas and countries related to noise, fuel storage and emissions. Please make sure you order the correct generator for your region/location. &nbsp 275kVA (Max/Standby) 250kVA (Prime) CUMMINS Diesel engine 1500rpm – slow running for long lifespan Deep Sea Electronics DSE6120 MKIII Control Panel Auto/Manual Transfer switch compatible Key Features 275kVA (Max/Standby)250kVA (Prime)CUMMINS Diesel engine1500rpm – slow running for long lifespanDeep Sea Electronics DSE6120 MKIII Control PanelAuto/Manual Transfer switch compatible

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