BE Pressure 1500psi 6L/min Portable Electric Pressure Washer & 14 Flat Surface Cleaner | P1515EPNW+WJ14WAW-G


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BE Pressure 1.5hp Electric Pressure WasherThe P1515EPN is a portable electric pressure washer from BE Pressure with a powerful triplex pump. Providing a pressure of up to 1500psi, it?s a great option for quickly and effectively washing cars, patios, outdoor furniture, decking, and more.1500psi Power WasherAble to deliver a maximum water pressure of 1500psi or 103 bar, this portable pressure washer boasts a quick flow rate of 6L per minute, perfect for speeding up your cleaning time.This electric jet washer boasts a quality 1.5hp PowerEase electric motor added longevity and reliability.Portable Pressure WasherWeighing 27kg, this BE Pressure power washer has a mounted top handle which makes it especially easy to carry between tasks. Its four solid and sturdy feet attached to the bottom of the unit ensures that it stays static during use, which allows you to focus on getting the best cleaning results.A high quality spray gun is included in this pressure washer kit, giving you everything you need to start cleaning straight out of the box.Commercial Triplex PumpThe P1515EPN?s industrial grade triplex pump runs at 1450rpm to lengthen its lifespan. Pressure washers which feature a high-quality triplex pump are suitable for high-end commercial or light industrial use. This type of pump is suitable for high levels of usage in comparison to lower quality axial pumps. Triplex pumps are also easily serviceable and typically last longer than axial pumps thanks to their robust design.This jet washer?s pump also features an automatic shutdown system which turns the pressure washer off after 15 seconds to prevent overheating.Electric Jet WasherWith a 7.62m (25ft) high pressure hose and 10.8m power cable it provides impressive reach and allows you to clean without worrying about the restrictions that many electric pressure washers impose.With electric jet washers, there is no messy petrol or diesel to have to deal with and no maintaining of carburettors ? simply plug in your machine and you?re ready to go! BE Pressure electric pressure washer: Ideal for cleaning cars, patios, outdoor furniture and more1.5hp PowerEase electric motor: For high power and efficient cleaningHigh-quality commercial-grade triplex pump: Provides a maximum water pressure of 1500psi / 103 barUltra-quick 6L/min flow rate: For fast and effective cleaningLong 25ft hose: Easily clean hard-to-reach areas away from the water supplyPortable pressure washer: Has a convenient top handle to carry between jobsElectric-powered: Low maintenance and easy to use

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