Descaler & Tarnish Remover 5 Litre


Descaler & Tarnish Remover 5 Litre is a powerful cleaning solution designed for the rapid penetration and removal of scale deposits, metal tarnish, hard water scale, and rust from ferrous metals, while also brightening aluminium and chrome surfaces.


Our Descaler & Tarnish Remover in a 5 Litre container is a highly effective solution engineered to tackle even the most stubborn of scale deposits and tarnish on various metal surfaces. Its advanced formula is capable of rapidly penetrating and dissolving scale, making it perfect for restoring the original shine and luster of metal surfaces. This product is adept at removing all forms of metal tarnish, including hard water scale and rust from ferrous metals, and it goes a step further to brighten aluminium and chrome surfaces, offering a versatile solution for maintenance and cleaning.

The Descaler & Tarnish Remover’s properties make it an indispensable tool in the catering and food industries, where it can be used for general purpose cleaning and maintenance of equipment and surfaces that come into frequent contact with water and food materials. Safe for use in environments where hygiene and cleanliness are paramount, this solution ensures that your metal fittings and machinery are not only clean but also meet the stringent standards required in food preparation and catering settings.

Whether you are dealing with tarnished kitchen utensils, scaled boilers, or dull metal surfaces, our Descaler & Tarnish Remover provides a straightforward and efficient approach to maintenance and cleaning. Its 5 Litre packaging ensures that you have a sufficient quantity for extensive use, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses and households seeking professional-grade cleaning results.