heavy duty foam oven cleaner 6x750ml


Elevate your cleaning game with K26 Heavy-Duty Foam Oven Cleaner. Designed for grills and ovens, this 750ml cleaner powerfully cuts through caramelised grease and oil, ensuring your kitchen equipment shines. Note: Not for hard carbon deposits.


Introducing the K26 Heavy-Duty Foam Oven Cleaner in a convenient 750ml size, designed to tackle the toughest grease and grime challenges in your kitchen.

This powerful cleaner features an advanced foam spray formulation that allows it to adhere to surfaces longer, ensuring a deeper and more effective clean.

It’s the perfect solution for grills, ovens, and any kitchen equipment plagued by caramelised grease or oil build-ups.

The K26 Cleaner not only facilitates quick and effective maintenance of both internal and external oven areas but also promises to transform your cleaning routine with its ease of use.

However, it’s specifically engineered for grease and grime, not suitable for removing hard carbon deposits. Embrace a cleaner kitchen with K26 Heavy-Duty Foam Oven Cleaner.

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1 x 750ml, 6 x 750ml


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