Evolution Mixxit Sink Dispenser and 1.5L Pouch Cabinet Kit


The Evolution Mixxit Sink Dispenser, paired with a 1.5L Pouch Cabinet, offers a hassle-free dispensing experience. Installed next to sinks for convenience, it simplifies cleaning routines, allowing tailored dosing based on soiling levels. Efficient, innovative, and user-friendly, it revolutionizes everyday washing tasks.


Effortless Dispensing Right by Your Sink:
The Evolution Mixxit Sink Dispenser is innovatively designed to be positioned right next to your sinks or basins. This ensures immediate accessibility and unparalleled ease of use. Say goodbye to awkward reaching or unnecessary steps in your cleaning routine.

Direct and Simple Application:
To use, aim the nozzle directly over the sink and smoothly engage the lever, releasing the solution into fresh, hand-hot water. There’s no mess, no fuss – just a straightforward dispensing process.

Uncomplicated Cleaning Routine:
Once dispensed, follow your regular washing routine. Just remember to thoroughly rinse off any lingering suds and let your items air dry naturally on a draining rack.

Tailored to Your Needs:
Every cleaning situation is unique, and so should be your detergent dose. With the Evolution Mixxit Sink Dispenser, you’re in full control. Adjust the number of doses based on the level of soiling for optimal results every time.

Elevate your washing experience with the perfect fusion of efficiency and simplicity, all thanks to the Evolution Mixxit Sink Dispenser and its accompanying 1.5L Pouch Cabinet.




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