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Hyundai 1500W Sliding Mitre Saw The HYMS1500E is an electric sliding mitre saw from Hyundai. The smaller of our two sliding electric mitre saws, this saw is equipped with a large high torque 1500W motor and 210mm tungsten carbide-tipped blade for a range of DIY woodworking projects, including making furniture such as benches, display shelves and picnic tables, cutting wood / laminate flooring or decking to size, and cutting trim, skirting boards and beading. This electric saw allows you to make precise bevel and mitre cuts in solid wood, MDF, laminate, and plastic up to a maximum cutting height of 70mm, making it ideal for a wide range of home or garden renovation projects. Suitable For Large/Awkward Wood Cutting For ultimate flexibility, the saw head is able to be tilted to the left to achieve different mitres on either side of the blade to save you from having to tilt heavy pieces of wood or plastic. The drag function integrated into this machine means you can cut extra-wide or awkwardly-shaped pieces of wood or plastic, allowing you to complete your project with ease. This Hyundai mitre saw can be pushed right back to the wall when in use as the slide travels along a fixed rail in line with the wall, which is especially handy for working in tight spaces. The Hyundai HYMS1500E portable mitre saw also weighs just 12.65kg, making it especially easy to move from job to job. Safe and Easy To Use This electric chop saw features supports on both sides of the saw for added stability whilst cutting, as well as a wood/plastic clamp to firmly secure your workpiece for added safety and guaranteed precise cutting angles. This mitre saw is also compatible with the vast majority of mitre saw stands on the market. Sliding Chop Saw with Easy Cleanup With a collection bag included with this electric chop saw, you can keep together any wood shavings and chippings for a quick and easy cleanup. The HYMS1500E Mitre Saw is – along with many of our other Hyundai power tools – compatible with our Hyundai HYVI3014 Wet & Dry Vacuum (sold separately), which features a built-in socket for connecting to the mitre saw’s dust extraction port for direct suction of fine shavings and sawdust for an even easier cleanup. This makes it especially practical as a workshop vacuum cleaner and thus is ideal for DIY enthusiasts. Click here to shop. Electric Mitre Saw As this mitre saw is electric, it means it can operate from the mains for continuous use without you having to worry about charging a battery and being limited on usage time or having to keep stopping and topping it up with petrol. This electric mitre saw can be used on-site and close to the project being worked on thanks to its standard UK 13Amp plug. This electric chop saw features an extra-long 3m cable, which is longer than many others, meaning you won’t have to reach for an extension cord. 3 Year Warranty For added peace of mind, this electric mitre saw comes with a 3 year Hyundai home-use warranty* / 1 year commercial warranty* (terms apply), including UK-based parts and service to maintain your machine for years to come. In the Range: To view our larger 2000W mitre saw, please click here. To view the rest of our Hyundai Power Tool collection for DIY or commercial use, please click here. At A Glance: 1500W electric sliding mitre saw 210mm blade diameter for cutting wood and plastic Achieve a single bevel cut of between 0° to 45° 70mm maximum cutting height Includes collection bag for wood chippings and shavings Also compatible with the HYVI3014 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner (not included) 3m power cable Low maintenance and easy to use 3 year home-use warranty* / 1 year commercial warranty* Key Features 1500W electric mitre saw with 210mm tungsten carbide-tipped blade: Ideal for tasks such as cutting trim, cutting flooring to size or making furniture Maximum cutting height of 70mm: Able to cut wood, MDF, laminate and plastic Achieve a precise 0-45° bevel: Table and head can be tilted for easy cuts on awkward pieces of wood Safe to use: Features a wood clamp and side supports for additional stability and safety when cutting Low maintenance electric saw: Supplied with a long 3m power cable Supplied with a wood chipping collection bag: For collecting any wood trimmings Vacuum attachment socket: To effectively remove any dust or particles when sawing wood, compatible with the HYVI3014 Wet & Dry Vacuum Peace of mind: 3 year Hyundai home-use warranty* / 1 year commercial warranty* (terms apply)

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