Hyundai 1600W Electric Paddle Mixer with 5 Piece Trowel Set 230v/240v | HYPM1600E


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Electric Paddle Mixer The HYPM1600E is a powerful, high-torque 1600W corded electric paddle mixer from Hyundai which comes complete with a 5-piece trowel set, ideal for quick, effortless and convenient mixing of paint, plaster, gypsum, adhesive, mortar, small buckets of cement, and other mid-viscosity liquids. Powerful 1600w Motor The HYPM1600Es tough and durable 1600w motor can tackle a range of materials and is able to produce an impressive and time-saving variable mixing speed of up to 990rpm! It features a pressure-sensitive trigger so you have total fingertip control over the mixing speed. Quality Yet Lightweight Despite its body being built from sturdy composite plastic, this budget-friendly corded paddle mixer weighs just 5.4kg, making it easy to use for extended periods without straining your arms, your shoulders, or your back. 4m Power Cable The HYPM1600E paint and mortar mixers generous power cable is 4m long, providing ample room for you to get the job done without having to reach for extension cables. Multi-Purpose This electric paddle mixer is ideal for both novice and experienced DIY-ers alike, offering a durable and time-saving solution to mix materials together to ensure they are smooth and lump-free, ready for application. Easy And Safe To Use The HYPM1600E handheld paddle mixer is fitted with a two-stage safety switch to increase your safety by preventing accidental starting. Also, swapping between tools couldn’t be easier thanks to the standard M14 fit. This also means that spare paddles, or paddles of different shapes, using this M14 fit can also be used with this paddle mixer. 5-Piece Trowel Kit The HYPM1600E comes with an included 5-piece trowel kit with comfort-grip rubber handles, allowing you finish any jobs without having to purchase any additional tools – perfect for applying plaster, gypsum, or mortar. Note that trowels should always be cleaned and oiled after each use to avoid rust and prolong longevity. Warranty This powerful mixer comes with a 3 year Hyundai warranty, and the trowel set comes with a 1 year warranty, with full UK parts and service backup for added peace of mind. Dimensions (Trowels) (L x W x H) (mm) 280mm x 120mm x 0.7mm282mm x 140mm x 1.2mm180mm x 105mm x 1.2mm155mm x 75mm x 1.2mm150mm x 13mm x 1.2mm Key Features Powerful 1.6kW corded electric paddle mixer: Ideal for mixing paint, plaster, cement, etc Produces mixing speed of up to 990rpm: Controlled by pressure-sensitive trigger Lightweight at just 5.4kg: Comfortable to use without straining your arms or shoulders Generous 4m power cable: Saves you having to reach for an extension cable Easy and safe to use: Two-stage safety switch prevents accidental starting Included 5-piece trowel set: Finish the job without having to purchase additional tools Peace of mind: 3 year Hyundai warranty on the paddle mixer

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