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The HYSC1800E grass aerator’s large working width of 380mm (60mm wider than that of competitive models) will get the ground aerated in no time, improving your lawn drainage and grass growth whilst also protecting your lawn from waterlogging and disease. The HYSC1800E is ideally suited to small to medium-sized grassy areas and lawns (Approx. 2000 square feet/186m² – the size of a singles tennis court). Lightweight and Easy To Use Weighing just 13.6kg, the HYSC1800E’s robust wheels make this Hyundai Scarifier particularly easy and comfortable to push around your garden, and the specially designed wide tread helps protect your lawn from damage whilst using the scarifier. It also has foldable handles for easy, compact storage in your garage or shed. Get The Perfect Finish This lawn aerator’s 5 adjustable scarifying heights ranging from -12mm to +10mm, simply controlled from one adjustment dial, put you in control over the finish of your lawn and ensure that all moss, thatch and weeds are removed from the root. Powerful 1800w Motor Its 1800W/1.8kW motor provides plenty of power to get the job done quickly and effectively, and its generous 10m power cable will give you ample working room to save you from having to search for an extension cable. Large, Spacious Grass and Weed Collector With its large 45L grass collector box (nearly twice the size of competitive models) collecting weeds and moss as you go, it means no mess to clear up, getting the job done as quickly as possible. Low Maintenance Scarifier and Aerator As this lawn scarifier is electric, it’s incredibly low maintenance – you won’t have to worry about mixing oils, dealing with stale fuel, or other routine maintenance that accompanies petrol machinery ownership. Designed With Safety At The Forefront The HYSC1800E Electric Scarifier is also designed with optimum safety in mind; the machine will stop automatically if you let go of the Operator Presence Control (OPC) lever, so you’re always in control. Warranty Not only this, it’s covered by Hyundai’s 3 year platinum warranty for your peace of mind, and also has full UK-based parts backup to maintain your machine for years to come. How does a scarifier work? During scarifying, stainless steel scarifying tines enter the ground to remove any compacted soil, as well as moss, thatch and weeds. Once these are removed, the lawn can breathe and will once again be able to absorb nourishing substances, oxygen and water. By using the lawn raker option, you remove the dead matter, moss and weed which disfigures a lawn by preventing water from getting through to the ground. The rake rotates, aerating and scratching the ground which improves water drainage and the absorption of oxygen. The raking setting could also be used following each lawn mowing to remove any grass cuttings that may be left behind by your mower. For best results, we recommend scarifying your lawn every 4-6 weeks between April and September to remove moss and thatch which has built up on the lawn. At A Glance Ideal for spongy lawns, sparse lawns, lawns with high footfall or lawns prone to flooding 1800W motor gets the job done very quickly Large 45L grass collector box for easy clean-up Lightweight at just 13.6kg Wide-tread wheels make it easy to push around the garden Generous working width of 380mm – suitable for small to medium lawns 5 adjustable scarifying heights Long 10m power cable Low maintenance Safe and easy to use 3 year Hyundai warranty In The Box HYSC1800E Lawn Scarifier and Aerator Instruction Manual Grass Collector Wall Storage Bracket Screws Key Features Get a healthy green lawn: Revitalise your dull, spongy, patchy grass Fitted with 20 hardened steel blades: Designed to remove moss, thatch, and dead grass right down to the roots 380mm working width: Perfect for small to medium lawns Powerful 1800W motor:Gets the job done quickly Weighs just 13.6kg: Comfortable to push around the garden 5 adjustable scarifying heights: Get the perfect finish on your lawn Powered by mains electric: Low maintenance and easy to use

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