Hyundai 1900W 2100psi 145bar Electric Pressure Washer With 6.5L/Min Flow Rate | HYW1900E


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1900W Hyundai Electric Pressure Washer The HYW1900E is the middle model in the brand new range of electric pressure washers from Hyundai. Providing a pressure of up to 2100psi / 145bar and flow rate of 6.5L/min, it’s a great option for quickly and effectively washing cars, patios, outdoor furniture, decking, and more. 145 Bar Power Washer Able to deliver a maximum water pressure of 2100psi or 145 bar, the HYW1900E portable pressure washer boasts a flow rate of 6.5L per minute, perfect for speeding up your cleaning time. This electric jet washer boasts a high-quality 1900W copper-wound motor for added longevity and reliability. High-Quality Portable Pressure Washer Unlike many other electric pressure washers which only offer a 5m hose, our portable jet washer’s extended 6m hose allows you that crucial extra metre to clean hard-to-reach areas even further away from the unit. For a longer pump lifespan, this pressure washer features an upgraded water inlet filter to prevent sediment or foreign objects from entering the pump, protecting it from any damage and keeping it operating smoothly. Multiple Pressure Washer Attachments Alongside the lance, this power washer is supplied with different head attachments, including a turbojet nozzle for concentrated cleaning and variojet nozzle for versatile cleaning, and also comes with a brush for more effective cleaning on cars, patio furniture, etc. It’s even supplied with a rotary patio cleaner to speed up cleaning flat surfaces. It’s also supplied with a premium foam cleaner detergent bottle; this electric power washer simplifies applying extra cleaning agents and gives you an extra cleaning boost when pressure washing your car, van, or motorhome. Electric Jet Washer With electric jet washers, there is no messy petrol or diesel to have to deal with, no oil to remember to top up and no maintaining of carburettors – simply plug in your machine and you’re ready to go! Designed with efficient storage and ease of use in mind, this high-pressure washer features designated spaces on its main body for storing the gun, lance, hose, attachments, and the electrical cable whilst the washer is not in use. 3 Year Warranty For added peace of mind, this corded electric pressure washer comes with a 3 year home-use warranty* (terms apply), as well as full UK parts backup to maintain your machine for years to come. The Electric Pressure Washer Range The HYW1900E is the middle of the 3 pressure washers in our new Hyundai electric power washer range. Click here to shop the 1740psi / 120 bar pressure washer, click here to shop the largest 2610psi / 180bar pressure washer, or click here to see the full range of pressure washers we have available. At A Glance: Ideal for quickly and effectively cleaning cars, patios, outdoor furniture and more High-quality 1900W copper-wound electric motor Maximum pressure of 2100psi / 145 bar 6.5L/min flow rate Extended 6m hose Supplied with a range of pressure washer nozzles, rotary patio cleaner and premium foam cleaner detergent bottle for deep cleaning Low maintenance and easy to use 3 year Hyundai home-use warranty* (terms apply) Key Features Hyundai electric pressure washer: Ideal for cleaning cars, patios, outdoor furniture and more High-quality 1900W copper-wound motor: For high power and efficient cleaning Three-piston aluminium pump: Provides a maximum pressure of 2100psi / 145 bar and a 6.5L/min flow rate Ultra-quick 5.5L/min flow rate: For quick and efficient cleaning Extended 6m hose: Easily clean hard-to-reach areas further away from the unit Store attachments on the pressure washer unit: Saves space and keeps everything together Supplied with premium foam cleaner detergent bottle: Deep clean your vehicle with minimal effort Mains 230v plug-in washer: Low maintenance and easy to use Peace of mind: 3 year Hyundai home-use warranty* (terms apply)

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