Hyundai 208cc 76mm Petrol 4-Stroke Garden Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher | HYCH700


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Compact Wood Chipper The HYCH700 is a compact wood chipper from Hyundai, powered by a 208cc / 7hp OHV 4-stroke unleaded petrol Hyundai engine, the HYCH700 is capable of chipping / shredding wood, twigs, trimmings and branches efficiently and effectively. This garden chipper/shredder transforms piles of garden waste into manageable compostable material effortlessly. Fast And Efficient Equipped with two in-feed points the wide aperture hopper allows fast and efficient deposition of leaves, grass clippings and other green garden debris while the smaller cone shaped chute is designed the handle branches up to 76mm in diameter. Perfect For Woodchippings The metal flails shredding system reduces green waste into easy manageable and highly compostable mulch, while the chipping-system comprises a flywheel-mounted HS steel knife that will effortlessly turn branches into woodchips perfect for pathways and frost protection. The HYCH700 is built to make wood chipping faster and less demanding with a twin HSS blade drum mechanism designed to draw in and chip branches up to 76mm in diameter. The in-feed hopper allows branches to be fed in with minimal preparation and ejected at the base of the chipper. Two Off-Road Tyres Weighing 70kg, the HYCH700 is equipped with front handle and 2 off road pneumatic tyres making easy to move around your garden and rough terrains. Suitable Use Suitable for gardeners and landscapers the HYCH700 ensures you’ll never struggle with back breaking and time consuming chopping garden waste for disposal again. Low Service And Maintenance With low service and maintenance requirements, the HYCH700 is incredibly user-friendly, and has full Hyundai UK parts back up. In The Box: HYCH700 Petrol Wood Chipper x2 Pneumatic Tyres User Manual Warranty Covered by Hyundai UK 3 year platinum warranty. Key Features 208cc / 7hp heavy duty 4-stroke Hyundai engine. Incredible 2400 – 3600rpm blade speed. 2 pneumatic tyres & front handlebar for easy manoeuvrability. Dual input-chutes for ease of use upto 76mm maximum chipping capacity. 2 HSS blade drum mechanism designed to draw in and chip branches. High-torque belt-type transmission. Covered by Hyundai UK 3 year warranty. Full UK service and parts operation to maintain your chipper for years to come.

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