Hyundai 20hp 500L Permanent Magnet Screw Air Compressor with Dryer and Variable Speed Drive | HYSC200500DVSD


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Permanent Magnet Screw Air Compressor with Dryer and Variable Speed DriveOur all-in-one Hyundai HYSC200500DVSD integrates a power screw compressor, refrigerated air dryer and air receiver tank, providing a complete solution to produce clean and dry compressed air.20hp 500L TankThis Hyundai screw air compressor with dryer features a large 500L tank and powerful 20hp motor, producing an impressive 145psi / 10bar output.High-Quality ConstructionOur HYSC200500DVSD 500L air compressor has been designed and built with high-quality components including our reliable refrigerant compressor and large, durable heat exchanger, making this compressor one you can rely on for years to come.Highly Efficient Oil And Gas SeparatorThis air compressor comes fitted with an extra-large oil and gas separator system, which improves the efficiency of the way any oil is removed from the air supply, making the output less than 3ppm.Variable Speed DriveUnlike other models, our VSD model compressors boast a variable speed drive, meaning these air compressors match the output to the air flow required thanks to an in-built high-performance frequency converter, which carries out real-time vector calculations to keep the supply stable.As the air compressors are not working at maximum levels at all times, this is more economical and also lengthens product lifespan too, meaning less maintenance is required and thus more savings for you.Easy To Set UpThe Hyundai HYSC200500DVSD Air Compressor is so simple to install – all you need to do is to connect the outlet and drain pipes and plug it in and your compressed air supply is ready to use!Integrated Safety FeaturesThis powerful screw air compressor comes fitted with a 7” colour, touch-screen monitor, which monitors usage, but also comes with a range of integrated safety features including maintenance alerts and reminders, and will automatically shut itself down if left unattended for 24 hours.Ideal For Garages And WorkshopsThis air compressor is ideal for range of different environments, including spray shops, tire-fitting garages, large workshops, small factories, etc.Peace Of MindThe HYSC200500DVSD comes with a 2 year Hyundai warranty with full UK parts and service backup for added peace of mind.Key FeaturesHigh-quality construction: Reliable air compressor perfect for a range of applications500L tank & 20hp motor: Produces an impressive 145psi / 10bar outputVariable speed drive: Matches output to requirement for increased efficiency and longer lifeIntegrated air dryer: Ensures a clean and dry compressed air supply7 display screen: Easily monitor usage and assess maintenance requirementsPeace of mind: 2 year Hyundai warranty

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