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Hyundai 40v Cordless Chainsaw The HYC40LI is our lightweight cordless chainsaw from Hyundai. Powered by a 40v lithium-ion 2.5 Amp-hour battery, this is the ideal chainsaw for day-to-day woodcutting tasks including felling small to medium-sized trees and chopping logs for wood burners. The 14 inch (355mm) chainsaw bar has a fast 17m/s chain speed to provide excellent medium-duty cutting power, perfect for a range of tasks around the garden. Sturdy and Comfortable To Use Lightweight at just 3.9kg, this cordless chainsaw also features an ergonomic soft grip rear handle, which makes it comfortable to use for long periods of time. To increase this cordless saw’s lifespan, it features an automatic chain lubrication system that automatically releases the chainsaw lubricant oil onto the chain, which minimises wear and tear to the chain and any damage to the starter mechanism. Easy To Use Battery Chainsaw To make using this battery chainsaw as simple as possible, the HYC40LI features tool-free chain tensioning, allowing you to get the very best performance out of your chainsaw and minimising any interruption to your chopping. Note that we recommend using a high-quality chain lubrication oil (sold separately). It’s quick and easy to assemble out of the box, allowing you to get it in your garden for the first cut in no time at all. With no engine to service, you also don’t need to spend time checking air filters or spark plugs, making it extremely easy to maintain. All you need to do is add chain lubrication oil (not included). *Under optimum conditions, this cordless chainsaw has an average battery life of 60 minutes, but this is dependent on a range of factors such as the type of wood being cut. Cordless Chainsaw Benefits No cables, no petrol and no pollution – this eco-friendly chainsaw is powered by a 40v lithium-ion 2.5Ah battery, which means no more messy fuel to have to deal with and no dangerous mains cables to cut through – cutting wood has never been easier or safer. Our 40v range, which also includes our grass trimmer, hedge trimmer, leaf blower and full selection of lithium-ion mowers, all use the same battery so you can have multiple batteries charged and ready to go by purchasing additional machines from the collection. 3 Year Warranty The HYC40LI cordless chainsaw comes with a 3 year Hyundai warranty* / 1 year commercial warranty* (terms apply) with full UK parts and service backup to maintain your saw for years to come. Chainsaw Safety Always use chainsaws safely to avoid accidents. For more information, see our chainsaw safety page here. At A Glance: 40v cordless chainsaw Ideal for garden maintenance such as felling medium trees and chopping logs Lightweight at just 3.9kg 14” bar and chain 17m/s chain speed Automatic chain lubrication for longer chain life Easy to use Interchangeable battery – the same battery powers our entire 40v range 3 year home-use warranty* / 1 year commercial warranty* In The Box HYC40LI Cordless Chainsaw 14 Hyundai Bar 14 Chain Bar Cover User Manual 2.5Ah 40V Max Battery 2A 40V Charger Key Features 40v cordless battery-operated chainsaw: Ideal for felling medium trees and chopping logs Weighs just 3.9kg: Lightweight and easy to use 14” bar and chain: Fast 17m/s chain speed for great medium-duty cutting power Automatic chain lubrication: For longer chain life Tool-free chain tensioning: Effortlessly tighten or loosen the tension of the chain in between use to maximise the efficiency of your sawing Lithium-ion battery powered: No cables, no petrol and no pollution Interchangeable battery: The same 40v battery powers our entire 40v garden machinery range Peace of mind: 3 year platinum Hyundai home-use warranty / 1 year commercial warranty (terms apply)

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