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Hyundai 40V Cordless Leaf Blower The HYB40LI is a lightweight, battery-powered cordless leaf blower from Hyundai, ideal for tidying up your garden, grounds or other outside spaces throughout the year. Not only suitable for clearing fallen leaves in the autumn or after a storm, this Hyundai leaf blower is so versatile that it can be used year-round for clearing snow, grass trimmings, sawdust, gutters, or even for drying vehicles and machinery. Variable Airspeed This garden blower has the option of two different airspeeds; its 162km/h / 101mph airspeed is ideal for clearing debris from delicate areas such as flower borders, and its maximum airspeed of 212km/h / 132mph is great for quickly clearing larger areas such as decking, patios, and lawns. At low speed, the battery will last approximately 40 minutes. On high speed, it will last around 20 minutes, giving you ample time to clear your garden of any leaves or grass cuttings from one charge. For larger spaces, there is also the option to purchase additional batteries to save you waiting between charges. Easy To Use Battery Leaf Blower Weighing just 2.46kg, this cordless garden blower is lightweight and easy to move around your garden, and can be comfortably operated one-handed thanks to its soft-grip handle. The easy-to-reach variable speed switch allows you to change airspeed effortlessly when moving between different areas of your garden or outdoor space. Cordless Blower Benefits No cables, no petrol and no pollution – this eco-friendly leaf blower is powered by a market-leading 40V lithium-ion 2.5Ah battery, which charges from flat to full in just 75 minutes. This also means no messy fuel mixes to have to deal with and no cables which restrict how far away from the mains it can be used. Clearing your garden of leaves and debris has never been easier. Our 40V range – which also includes our grass trimmer, hedge trimmer and full selection of lithium-ion mowers – all use the same battery so you can have multiple batteries charged and ready to go by purchasing additional garden machinery from the collection. 3 Year Warranty* The HYB40LI Cordless Leaf Blower comes with a 3 year Hyundai warranty* / 1 year commercial warranty* (terms apply) with full UK parts and service backup to maintain your blower for years to come. At A Glance: 40V cordless leaf blower Ideal for blowing away leaves, grass cuttings, snow and sawdust or for drying vehicles Lightweight at just under 2.5kg Variable airspeed between 162km/h / 101mph and 212km/h / 132mph Easy to use Battery charges in just 75 mins Interchangeable battery – the same battery powers our entire 40V range 3 year home-use warranty* / 1 year commercial warranty* In The Box HYB40LI 40V Max Cordless Blower 14 Hyundai Bar Instruction Manual 2.5Ah 40V Max Battery 2A 40V Charger Key Features 40V cordless battery-operated leaf blower: Also suitable for clearing snow, grass trimmings, sawdust, gutters and more Lightweight at just 2.46kg: Can easily be operated one-handed Variable airspeed between 162-212km/h / 101-132mph: Can be used for clearing both delicate areas and larger areas Lithium-ion power: No cables, no petrol and no pollution Battery lasts up to approx 40 minutes: Allows you ample time to clear your garden from one charge Interchangeable battery: The same battery powers our entire 40V garden machinery range Peace of mind: 3 year platinum Hyundai warranty / 1 year commercial warranty (terms apply)

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