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Heavy-Duty Electric-Start Wood Chipper The HYCH15100TE is an extremely powerful wood chipper from Hyundai, able to handle even the most established of tree branches with diameters up to a massive 11cm. Powerful Hyundai Engine Powered by a heavy-duty 420cc / 14hp 4-stroke OHV electric-start Hyundai engine, it will provide you with a powerful performance each and every time. Featuring an electric-start function, this ensures that you can get chipping at the push of a button with no effort required, unlike previous recoil pull-start chipper models. Chip Large Quantities of Wood The HYCH15100TE is capable of chipping and shredding huge quantities of wood and branches into easily-handled chippings quickly and effortlessly, whether you’re using it for domestic or professional purposes. Up To 11cm Chipping Capacity Large branches have met their match with this powerful machine! Built to make chipping large branches simple and easy, the HYCH15100TE’s 2-blade drum mechanism has been designed to draw in and chip branches and tree trunks with up to a 11cm diameter. Extra Wide Chipper Opening This impressive garden shredder also has a convenient extra-wide chute opening, allowing you to feed in more established branches without doing too much chopping beforehand to break them up. Easily Portable Thanks to its portable design, with large 16” wheels and attached trailer ball, you can easily tow the shredder to wherever it is needed (for off-road use only). It even comes with an in-built levelling jack so you can safely use this wood chipper on uneven or sloping ground. Extra-Safe Wood Chipper Designed with your safety at the forefront, this petrol shredder has an easily accessible emergency stop button and is also self-feeding, meaning you can place the end of any branches or sticks into the machine and it will auto-feed in the rest, so you can keep your arms well clear of any dangerous moving parts. Time-Saving Wood Shredder The HYCH15100TE’s fast 2000rpm shredding speed makes it so you will never have to struggle with back-breaking and time-consuming wood chipping again, making it a great choice for large garden clearance jobs, maintaining estates or business premises, or for your gardening or clearance business. Easily Direct Chippings Thanks to the Hyundai HYCH15100TE’s rotatable discharge chute, which is able to be rotated a whopping 360°, chippings can be easily directed in multiple directions to suit your need, whether this is into a trailer, into a wheelbarrow, or onto a desired patch of ground, making clear-up even easier and less time-consuming. So Easy To Use Despite this chipper’s hugely powerful engine and incredible chipping ability, you might be surprised to read that is has low service requirements. Petrol Wood Chipper Benefits Because this powerful garden shredder is petrol-powered, it means you won’t have to worry about being limited by power cables, giving you the freedom to use it right at the bottom of a large estate garden next to your compost pile or in remote locations – simply top it up with fuel and get started. Benefits of Chipping Wood Chipping your wood will allow you to fit much more of it into your waste or compost bin. You can also use chippings in your garden to reduce weeds in your flowerpots or beds and hold moisture in the soil. 3 Year Warranty For added peace of mind, this wood chipper comes with our Hyundai platinum 3 year warranty, as well as full UK parts and service, to maintain your chipper for years to come. Wood Chipper Safety For safety information on wood chippers, please see here. At a Glance Powerful 420cc / 14hp electric-start engine Suitable for wood up to 4.5”/11cm in diameter Impressive 2000rpm shredder speed for fast chipping Self-feeding for increased safety Large 16” tyres and tow hitch for easy portability Levelling jack for uneven terrain 360° chute rotation to direct chippings in any direction for easy clean-up Wide chute opening Includes all the tools needed to get going straight out of the box – simply add oil 3 year warranty Please note: This item requires some assembly upon arrival before use, and due to the weight of the item you may need to use a bench / lift / jack to put it together. Key Features Quickly chip large quanities of wood: Ideal for large garden clearances or for estates / business premises 420cc / 14hp Hyundai electric-start petrol engine: Extremely powerful belt-driven, disc-style chipper Heavy-duty 2-blade drum mechanism: Designed to draw in and chip branches with up to a 11cm diameter 360-degree rotatable chute: Easily direct wood chippings into wheelbarrows or into a neat pile Levelling jack: Can be used safely on uneven or sloped terrain Easy-access emergency stop mechanism: Extra safe to use 2 trailer ball and wide wheels: Easily tow your chipper to wherever it’s needed ATV removable towing bar: Can easily be towed off-road to remote locations Easy to use: Simple to maintain with low service requirements Peace of mind: 3 year Hyundai warranty

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