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Enhance your sanding experience with the JCB 18V 125mm Cordless Orbital 125mm Sander. Designed for versatility and precision, this powerful tool is perfect for a range of sanding applications on wood, metal, and plastic. Let’s explore its exceptional features: Hook and Loop Sanding BaseThe convenient hook and loop sanding base ensures effortless attachment and quick changes of sanding sheets. Say goodbye to time-consuming setups and enjoy uninterrupted sanding sessions.Dust Extraction Facility: Keep your workspace cleaner and safer with the built-in dust extraction facility. It efficiently captures and removes dust particles, providing you with a healthier working environment. Removable Dust BagThis JCB sander comes with a removable dust bag that makes disposing of dust a breeze. Maintain cleanliness and minimize cleanup time after each sanding task. 125mm Diameter Sanding PadEquipped with a 125mm (5 ) diameter sanding pad, this sander allows you to cover larger surface areas effortlessly. Achieve smooth, professional finishes in no time. Overload Protection The overload protection feature ensures the longevity and reliability of the sander. It automatically safeguards the motor against excessive strain, enhancing the tool’s durability. Ergonomic Design with Rubber Grip OvermouldExperience superior comfort during extended sanding sessions with the ergonomic design and rubber grip overmould. The sander fits comfortably in your hand, reducing fatigue and enabling precise control. Complete Sander Package This comprehensive package includes a sanding sheet and a dust bag. Get started right away with all the essential components at your fingertips.Upgrade your sanding game with the JCB 18V 125mm Battery Powered Orbital Sander. Enjoy effortless sanding, exceptional versatility, and reliable performance. Order yours today and experience the joy of smooth surfaces like never before. Key FeaturesVersatile Sanding: The JCB 18V Orbital Sander is suitable for a variety of sanding applications, making it a versatile tool for working with wood, metal, and plastic surfaces.Dust Extraction Facility: With a built-in dust extraction facility, this sander ensures a cleaner and safer working environment by effectively capturing and removing dust particles.Easy Dust Disposal: The removable dust bag simplifies the cleaning process after each sanding task, allowing for quick and hassle-free disposal of collected dust.Enhanced User Comfort: Designed with an ergonomic rubber grip overmould, the sander provides increased user comfort, reducing fatigue and enabling prolonged sanding sessions with ease.Overload Protection: The overload protection feature of the JCB 18V Orbital Sander prevents motor strain, ensuring its longevity and reliability, even during demanding sanding applications. View All Orbital SandersKey FeaturesSuitable for a variety of sanding applications working with wood, metal and plastic Dust extraction facility for cleaner and safer working & Removable dust bag 125mm diameter sanding pad & Overload protectionErgonomic design with rubber grip overmould for increased user comfortBacked up by UK support and our JCB 3 Year Warranty

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