JCB 80mm 3’’ Professional Petrol Trash Water Pump 1000L/min 7.5hp 224cc 4-Stroke | JCB-WP80T


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The JCB-WP80T Petrol-Powered Water Pump is a petrol open-frame recoil-start surface trash and dirty water pump from JCB Tools, able to handle a wide range of water pumping tasks in your home or professional use. High-capacity and Efficient JCB Engine Powered by a 224CC 4-stroke, single-cylinder OHV air cooled engine, the JCB-WP80T has an impressive pumping capacity of 60,000 litres per hour – a huge 1000L of water a minute! ( 60m3 per hour). This makes it a great option for preventing or minimising flood and managing water in a professional environment, the JCB-WP8-T can handle the toughest dirty water pumping task Reliable Recoil-Start Water Pump This water pump features easy recoil pull-starting for a reliable start each and every time.With nylon braided cord for unparalleled durability. 28m Total Head Lift With a maximum suction head / lift of 7 metres and 3 / 80mm inlet and outlet, the JCB-WP80 has a total head / lift of 25m which makes it the ideal water pump for a wide variety of trash and dirty water pumping applications. Fresh Water Pump Designed to be used primarily with freshwater, the JCB-WP80 is able to handle particles, such as gravel or other solids, up to 9mm in diameter, ideal for removing water that is likely to contain some solid particles like pond water, sludgem , muddy water and storm debris. Suitable For a Range of Purposes This powerful water pump is suitable for a range of purposes, including as a hot tub pump, swimming pool pump or to clear garden ponds, puddles or flood prevention. Portable Petrol Water Pump Weighing just 41kg, the JCB-WP80T is a heavy-duty trash water pump and yet a highly portable machine built with easy transportation and storage in mind. Its solid tubular steel open-frame design, which serves to both protect the water pump from any knocks and bumps, also doubles up as handles which makes for easy transportation. Large Fuel Tank With a 3.6L fuel tank, the JCB-WP80T will keep you going on the biggest jobs from start to finish and you won’t need to stop what you’re doing to fill it up again. High-Quality Components This water pump features a high-quality JCB pro-build, including the pump itself which features aluminium housing with a cast iron impeller for added longevity. Made For Hard Work. Petrol Trash Water Pump The benefit of being powered by petrol, as opposed to electric water pumps, is that this machine can be used remotely and away from a power source which is especially beneficial if being used in flood conditions as there may not be any power available. Made for Hard Work Backed by a 3-year JCB platinum warranty for worry-free operation. Get your JCB-WP80T Petrol Trash Water Pump now and tackle water pumping tasks with confidence!

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Weight 41 kg
Dimensions 525 × 415 × 455 cm


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