JCB Corded Electric Jigsaw 800W 240V | 21-JS800


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Introducing the JCB Jigsaw 800W | 21-JS800: Power and Precision for Your Cutting Needs. Experience the ultimate cutting versatility whether you need straight line or curved cuts in wood, metal, or plastic, this high-performance jigsaw is designed to deliver outstanding results. With its 4 pendulum settings ranging from 0 to 3, you can achieve optimized cuts for various materials.Efficiency and Ease of UseThe JCB Jigsaw 800W features a convenient tool-free blade change system, allowing you to swap blades quickly and effortlessly for uninterrupted work. Its dual dust blower function ensures a cleaner working path, enhancing visibility and precision. Say goodbye to messy workstations and hello to efficiency.Unleash the PotentialThis powerful 800W jigsaw is suitable for both straight line and curved line cuts, offering versatility for all your cutting needs. It effortlessly cuts through wood with a maximum capacity of 100mm and metal with a maximum capacity of 10mm. Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or a serious DIY user, this jigsaw is your perfect companion for various sawing projects. Key FeaturesVersatile Cutting Capability: Designed for both straight line and curved cuts in wood, metal, and plastic, offering flexibility for various projects.4 Pendulum Settings: Allows optimized cutting of different materials, providing precision and control for different cutting needs.Tool-Free Blade Change System: Enables quick and easy blade replacement, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and efficient working.Dual Dust Blower: Provides a cleaner working path by clearing away dust and debris, enhancing visibility and accuracy

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