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Heritage Border Spade Our JCB Heritage Tools are stylish and tough, balancing traditional aesthetics with a strength and durability you can rely on. Equally at home in a domestic or professional setting the Heritage Border Spade is, like all of our JCB tools, designed to last. Made from a single billet of hardened and tempered carbon steel with no welding or joins which can weaken over time. It is forged thicker toward the intersection with its handle reducing fatigue and giving the tool extra longevity. Complimented by a clear varnished ergonomic Ash handle, the Heritage Border Spade is compact yet reliably strong. We know that our tools need to perform, therefore, we only certify and stamp our Heritage Tools with the JCB Logo once they have surpassed our rigorous testing – our guarantee to you that they will get the job done. Key Features The bespoke JCB Heritage Border Spade is slightly smaller and lighter than a Garden Spade. It is ideal for work such as weeding, edging and turning over soil beds, being easier to lift and manoeuvre in and out of tight spaces.

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Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 980 × 200 × 100 cm


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