JCB Professional Solid Forged Grafting Spade (Newcastle Style) – Drain Master | JCBDM01


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Solid Forged Grafting Spade With its long, narrow 16’’ tapered blade the JCB Professional Grafting Spade is suited to digging narrow holes or trenches. Made from a single piece solid forged head of carbon steel, it has no joins or welding that can weaken over time. The all steel handle makes it durable and tougher under load. Integrated foot treads increase stability and grip when applying downward pressure and the sharpened leading edge facilitates slicing through the ground. We know that our tools need to perform, therefore, we only certify and stamp our Professional Tools with the JCB Logo once they have individually surpassed British Standard Load Tests – our guarantee to you that they will get the job done. Key Features Heavy duty blade and handle (top-range) Hardened and tempered carbon steel blade Solid forged resulting in a stronger, more durable blade Metal YD grip

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Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 210 × 1120 × 120 cm


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