Scheppach 173cc 4-Stroke Petrol High Pressure Cleaner & 14 Flat Surface Cleaner | HCP2600 + WJ14WAW-G


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The HCP2600 by Scheppach offers a robust 4.4HP 4-stroke petrol engine and a high-capacity pump that generates up to 200 bar of maximum pressure, effectively eliminating tough dirt from terraces, driveways, facades, garden furniture, cars, bicycles, machinery, tools, garden equipment, and much more.Easy Maneuverability and StabilityWith its slim design and a handle height of 100cm, the HCP2600 is remarkably easy to manoeuvre. This is thanks to its sturdy, rigid, and powder-coated steel construction, along with two large wheels. A supplementary stand and a weight of 26kg ensure stability during use.Extended Cleaning Range and Efficient ProgressThe 7.5m high-pressure hose allows for extensive cleaning coverage without needing to frequently move the pressure washer. This facilitates quicker progress in your tasks. The stainless steel spray lance handle is ergonomically designed and can be comfortably held with one or both hands.Versatile Cleaning OptionsThe package includes 5 spray nozzles for various cleaning tasks, each with different spray angles. Gentle spray: 40° (white) or 25° (green). Strong spray: 15° (yellow) or 0° (red). The black nozzle is intended for the use of soap or detergent. Optimal cleaning results are achieved when the nozzle is held 20 to 60 cm away from the surface being cleaned. The quick-release mechanism on the extension of the spray lance allows for easy nozzle changes.Convenient Access and StorageEach spray nozzle has its designated spot, conveniently attached to the pressure washer for easy access. The spray lance and hose can also be comfortably secured on the device for perfect storage and transport.Enhanced Cleaning Options with Suction Hose The included suction hose with a filter attachment allows for the addition of 450 ml of suitable cleaning agents and other high-pressure substances into the pressure stream per minute.Nozzle Attachments Overview:0° Nozzle – Red: • Removes heavy and stubborn dirt. Suitable for concrete surfaces like pathways and driveways.15° Nozzle – Yellow: • Surface preparation and removal of dirt, mold, or paint. Suitable for construction sites, agricultural equipment, boats, and ship gear.25° Nozzle – Green: • Handles strong dirt and peeling paint. Suitable for wood surfaces, fences, patios, and driveways.40° Nozzle – White: • Removes loose dirt and mud. Suitable for most surfaces, including cars, boats, garden furniture, and tools.Black Nozzle: • For applying cleaning agents, suitable for all surfaces.Key Features High-performance 173cc 4-stroke Petrol Engine High-capacity pump Stainless steel spray lance Integrated holder for nozzles and high-pressure hose Ideal for mobile use • Large wheels for easy transport Stable, rigid, and powder-coated steel construction Comes with 5 nozzle attachments, cleaning lance, 7.5m high-pressure hose, and detergent inlet

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