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63L 230V Mains Powered Hyundai Cement Mixer The HYCM63E is an electric cement mixer from Hyundai with a 63L drum size, able to perfectly mix together materials such as mortar, concrete, and plaster for smaller-scale DIY, building or garden projects. Driven by a low-maintenance 220W Hyundai electric motor, this electric mixer can be plugged into any standard 3 pin UK plug socket. Its 63L mixing drum has a 47L mixing capacity, allowing you to produce adequate volumes of cement for any smaller projects you’re currently working on. Its 27.5rpm drum rotation speed also ensures fast and thorough mixing. For larger projects where you need a bigger mixing capacity, we recommend the HYCM160 Electric Cement Mixer. Easy To Use This steel cement mixer has a 260mm / 10” drum mouth, making shoveling materials into the cement mixer easier and avoiding wasting any materials by missing the drum mouth to save you both time and money. The concrete mixer’s handle allows you to manually tilt the drum for easily emptying the finished mix accurately into your wheelbarrow or onto wherever it’s needed in one smooth action. Portable Mixer With ‘Puncture Proof’ Wheels The HYCM63E is a small concrete mixer that has been designed to operate at wheelbarrow working height for optimum comfort and ease. This Hyundai portable concrete mixer is mounted on a strong and robust, free-standing steel frame and its 2 puncture-proof wheels make moving this 25.5kg mixer between tasks across a range of terrains easy. Plug-and-Play Electric Concrete Mixer This electric concrete mixer’s 3m power cable allows you enough room to use it away from the plug, making it safer to mix any materials that require water to be added. The Hyundai HYCM63E is low maintenance, easy to use, and doesn’t require the additional expense of fuel – simply plug it in and you’re ready to go! For easy cleaning after use, we recommend scouring the drum with a 1” / 2.5cm gravel and water mix, allowing this to mix in the drum for at least two minutes before emptying to lengthen your cement mixer’s lifespan and keep it performing at its best. It is advisable to always wash down your cement mixer, shovels, trowels, and wheelbarrow after use – otherwise, when your next home or garden project comes along, you will have ‘rock solid’ material to remove before you can start! Not to mention it reduces the mixing capacity within the drum. 3 Year Warranty* For added peace of mind, this electric cement mixer comes with a 3 year Hyundai home-use warranty* / 1 year commercial warranty* (terms apply), including UK-based parts and service to maintain your machine for years to come. Hyundai Power Products Range Hyundai’s construction machinery collection includes our range of Mini Dumpers, Compactor Plates, and the HYPM1600E 1600E Electric Paddle Mixer. View our full selection of tools and construction machinery here. At A Glance: 220W motor 63L drum size 47L mixing capacity 260mm / 10” drum mouth to fit a shovel Tiltable drum for easy emptying 3m power cable Puncture-proof tyres for added portability Easy to use 3 year Hyundai home-use warranty* (terms apply) Key Features 220W Electric Cement Mixer from Hyundai: Mains-powered 230v/240v, 220W mixer for easy ‘plug-and-play’ set up 63L drum with 47L mixing capacity: Perfectly mix together materials for small-scale DIY projects Robust steel frame with 2 puncture-proof tyres: Comfortably move your cement mixer between tasks Manual tilting mechanism: Easily empty the mixed materials into your wheelbarrow Peace of mind: 3 year Hyundai domestic warranty* (terms apply)

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