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Square Mouth Shovel Crafted using experience gained over many years, this shovel is 70mm longer overall than a standard shovel. This increases efficiency when moving significant loads, reducing the need for stooping and bending. Rather than welding and joining component parts, the blade is made from a single piece of hardened and tempered carbon steel which has been pressed to make it strong and capable of withstanding significant load. Thicker forging at the base of the socket accommodates greater levering forces and increases the overall load bearing ability of the tool. Its tubular steel handle and metal YD grip make it able to withstand significant load stress but remain lightweight and durable. Like our machinery, our range of JCB Professional Tools have been developed for use in the toughest conditions. We know that our tools need to perform, therefore, we only certify our Professional Tools with the JCB Logo once they have individually surpassed British Standard Load Tests – our guarantee to you that they will get the job done.s a great all-round shovel and is suitable for shovelling soils, sand and mixing concrete. Key Features One of the largest shovels in our range, the JCB Professional Solid Forged Shovel No2 Square Mouth (Site Master) is designed mainly for heavy duty shovelling tasks such as mixing, moving aggregate, soil, sand, cement, industrial waste, farmyard waste and debris.

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Dimensions 300 × 190 × 990 cm


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