Hyundai 1050W 360mm Electric Garden Tiller, Cultivator, Rotovator and Rototiller | HYT1050E


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The HYT1050E is an electric garden tiller and rotavator from Hyundai. Designed for vegetable gardens, smallholdings, and allotments, this electric tiller breaks up compacted soil with ease, making it ready to sow with grass, plants and vegetables. Time-Saving Tiller The HYT1050E delivers exceptional performance that will save you hours of time and back-breaking digging. Powerful Motor With its 1050W all-copper motor for high power and longevity delivering ample power to the 400rpm rotating tines, the HYT1050E is able to easily break up soil ready for planting. Advanced, Smart Design Designed using the latest technology to cater to the changing conditions of the British garden, this rotary tiller, rotavator and cultivator makes tilling soil as easy as possible thanks to its innovative design and easily-accessible controls. Adjustable Depth With an adjustable tilling depth of up to 220mm, you are able to complete projects easily and precisely, saving you time and effort. The depth can be easily controlled by the rear adjustable depth control rod. Strong Tiller Blades The four robust steel rotating tines/blades of this rototiller each have 4 angled teeth and cover a width of 360mm to make fast, almost effortless work, of breaking up and turning over soil of any type. Easy To Use This rotovator’s long rear handles and fingertip controls make it easy to steer and control the tiller, making the process simple and hassle-free. It also weighs just 8kg, making it really easy to move around your garden. Budget-Friendly The HYT1050E is an affordable yet versatile electric tiller, great for a variety of gardening situations and allowing you to maintain your allotment on a budget. Electric Tiller Because this garden rototiller is electric, it saves you the hassle and additional cost of having to deal with petrol and oil. It is also incredibly low maintenance as you won’t have to worry about sorting out stale fuel issues, etc; simply plug in the extra-long 10m cable and get started! 3 Year Warranty For your peace of mind, this Hyundai Electric Garden Tiller is covered by our platinum 3 year warranty. At A Glance Perfect for vegetable gardens, smallholdings and allotments Saves you time breaking up compacted soil Powerful 1050W / 1.05kW copper motor Lightweight at just 8kg Extra-long 10m cable 400rpm tiller speed 360mm working width 220mm working depth Very easy to use Low maintenance 3 year warranty Key Features Electric garden tiller and rotavator: Perfect for vegetable gardens, smallholdings and allotments Breaks up compacted soil easily: Saves you hours of back-breaking digging Easy to use: Its 4 angled teeth cover a width of 360mm, getting the job done quickly Very low maintenance: No messy petrol or oil to deal with Peace of mind: Comes with our Hyundai 3 year warranty

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